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“Jona” is what people have called me since when I was a kid, when I felt art, geometry and colors were something personal.For me, it wasn’t strange to be good at arts, and I developed other interests like music, ecology, nature, sports and trips, that became the keys for being who I am. When I finished high school, I understood, I’ll become a graphic designer, a good one.

In 2006 I received my Bachelor’s degree in Graphic Design at Universidad de Playa Ancha in Valparaíso, Chile, starting my career in a newspaper, then later in advertising agencies, where I put my professional focus on direct marketing, art direction and development of new print formats. The next step was working inside of a Estate Company, designing all publishing and sales material.

Working for a printer I understood the efficient use of printed material, reducing environmental impact (and cost). In that time I pursued many of my goals, including beginning contemporary jewelry classes and the Diploma in Creative Photography.

Later, I started in a fashion design company, where I developed printer material for clothes, labels, POS and window shop material, webs and supervision of all this in China (a lot of fun).

As of 4 years ago, I am working as a senior graphic designer for a company which represents many American and European brands in Chile. My duties include developing the graphic materials for all brands (especially LEGO, jealous?)

With my open mind and high disposition for new challenges, I developed many freelance projects for many small business clients, developing logotypes, corporate image, websites, printer and exhibition material and design magazines.

In the past few years, I’ve wanted to get to know the world more, by running in a few marathons, taking amazing pictures,enjoying delicious food with my friends, (always with a good chilean wine or piscolas), making new jewelry design and especially by never letting my mind stop!

The most important brands that I work with are:

Diario La Hora
Correos de Chile
Grupo Inmobiliario Imagina
Katto Jeans
Philips Avent
Skip Hop
Bebé Confort
Maxi Cosi
Infanti Clothes
Leap Frog
Issue Magazine

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